Canoe Transportation Day

Yes, the day finally arrived.  With the help of my trusty sidekick Phil (actually, he’s one of my sons) I borrowed my sister’s SUV and journeyed north to rescue the canoe that was trapped in my sister’s boathouse.  After battling ferocious spiders and mosquitoes, we managed to bind it to the roof and began our trek westward.

Canoe on car

It soon became apparent our original route was not going to work.  As the SUV approached 70 km/hr the canoe began to shimmy and shake (not even to the tunes we had playing), and the straps began emitting their own bass drone, much like the start of a Gregorian chant…. perhaps a criticism of The Eagles?  (Say it isn’t so.)  Backing off to 60, Phil quickly found a gentler route.  After still being passed by impatient, and sometimes irate, drivers Phil discovered an even more remote path.  Unfortunately, it quickly began to look like we might have to portage both the canoe and SUV as we quickly ran out of road.  (Good thing that SUV was 4 wheel drive!)  Oh well, nothing a good car wash didn’t fix.

Back on a more ‘normal’ paved road we continued to smile and wave at the jolly passing motorists.  (You mean those people weren’t really waving hello when they passed?)  What was supposed to be a 3 hour trip turned into a 5 hour one.


Finally arriving at the Carlisle Canoe Company, we were greeted by Roger and his trusty dog Chaucer.  After unloading the canoe, and various parts, Roger began his assessment. Although I tried not to read his facial expressions, the word ‘concern’ kept popping into my mind.  After quite a while Roger said:  “I don’t think we’ll see this one in the water in two weeks.”  As my dejection sunk in, Roger continued with even more to think about.

“You know, even if we can fix it I must be honest and tell you that it will cost a lot more than you probably had in mind.”  Well… at least he’s honest (I thought), trying to find something positive to hold on to.  But Roger also was intrigued by the canoe, pointing out things that were most unique and saying he had never seen this type before in his 20 years in the business.


He suggested I “sleep on things, come up the next morning and we can decide then.”  That was fine with me.  Trying not to be too depressed, Phil and I climbed into the SUV and headed out for some well needed dinner.

Tomorrow: the adventure continues

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