Heritage Canoe Project: Day 3

Day 3 arrived way too early.  At least that was what my body was telling me.  I slept in, but not long enough, when Cindy reminded me of my commitment to this project.  I really wanted to stay in bed and rest — and was working hard to convince myself I needed a day off.  I still hurt from the prior work days.  But my conscience finally won, and by just after 11am I finally arrived at Carlisle Canoe (after my morning Tim’s of course).

Roger was already at work finishing the restoration of the two decks.  He is amazingly talented.  Just watching the detail he puts in everything he does convinces me he was the right “Canoe Doctor” for the job.  When I arrived the bow deck was already in place, and Roger was working to finish the stern deck.  He was installing the custom rosewood pieces he had fabricated for the inside face of the deck.

roger restores canoe decksinstalling stern deck

And what was my job?  You guessed it… the remaining two rib replacements.  I finished them by early afternoon, as I actually remembered to finally bring my glasses.  (Nailing goes much better when you can actually see what you are trying to hit.)

ed's finished rib replacements

The last ‘big’ job of the day was helping Roger cut and install the inner gunwales.  This canoe didn’t originally have inner gunwales (which Roger says is not common), but in order to get it to a proper shape and strength, it was a necessary addition.

installing gunwhales

By end of day the canoe looked a whole lot healthier.  Roger said he didn’t think we would have done so much so soon in the week.  I left feeling very encouraged, after having put in almost 8 more hours.  I didn’t feel as tired as day 2, but I was also looking at a day of rest tomorrow.  To be continued (in a couple of days)

end day 3, taking shapeprevious Heritage Canoe Project next


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