Heritage Canoe Project: Day 6

Day 6 was another short day for me.  By the time I arrived Roger had already rebuilt the bow and stern areas where the wood had been disintegrating.  He had curved several thinner pieces to form new wooden stems and added epoxy where needed.

rebuilding stems

My first job was to replace all hull areas, at the gunwale, that were missing.  Yes… this included more nailing.

hull repairs with interior

Then it was fun time for me.  After lightly hand sanding the ribs, it was time for the second varnish coat.  This time it was full strength varnish which left the interior gleaming.  Only one more varnish job left.

varnish twodrying finish

We then flipped the canoe and I finished the day by applying a varnish/varsol mix to the outside hull wood.

hull with one coat finish

Day 7 will have to wait.  Between Roger’s and my schedule it will be almost a week before I will be able to return.  The good news is that the canoe is really taking shape.  It is a far cry from when I first arrived.  So far it has been a great way to spend a vacation.

To be continued!

(Because of the magic of the Crux blog time delay, the Day 7 & 8 posts will go up at noon tomorrow and the next day. Ed had to wait a week, but we don’t have to.)

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1 thought on “Heritage Canoe Project: Day 6

  1. Ed….the photos are amazing. To see what the canoe first looked like…to now….it’s incredible. You must be soooo anxious to get it in the water!

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