Heritage Canoe Project: Day 7

Has anyone heard of CRWS?  Well, I had it for several days — Canoe Restoration Withdrawal Syndrome that is.  And it was bad.  So I was really happy to get a call from Roger, whose schedule opened up a day early.

When I arrived I found that Roger had already shaped the stem pieces to the canoe contour, filled outer deck holes with epoxy, and sanded the sides to the level of the inner gunwales.

formed stems outerI had about a 4 hours time slot, so my job today started with power sanding the external hull to smooth the epoxy areas. I then lightly sanded the interior ribs and, after thoroughly power blowing the canoe (inside and outside), I applied the final varnish coat.  The inside was now gleaming.

ready for final finish coatgleaming interior

Flipping the canoe again, I applied the final varnish coat to the outside hull.  In between these jobs I also sanded and varnished the seat supports, as they must be screwed in place before the canvas is installed.

seat supports

All in all, it was a great and productive day.  Once dry, it’s canvas time at Carlisle!

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