Best book you read this year?

So of the books you read this year, what is your favourite? Note that this is not a book published in 2013, rather a book READ in 2013. For examples see this New Yorker post. There might be some overlap between the year of publication and the year of reading, but that is certainly not always the case.

In the short time left before Christmas, we’ll post some of the read-in-2013 favourites from Crux staff. We’ll start with Connor’s pick of the year.

My Pick for 2013: Getting to Yes by Roger Fisher. It’s the best selling book on negotiation that introduces its readers (of any background) to the basic strategies that make co-operation possible. For most people, it probably won’t work; the strategies are difficult to use. I enjoyed it, because its simplicity and wealth of examples make it an attractive starting point to someone looking into the subject more deeply.

Let us know your pick of the year!


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