June Staff Picks Continued

June staff picks are random books for random travels. So far Carolyn has suggested a little time travel to encounter a bear and a monk in the middle ages and Sheila sent us off to China with Hudson Taylor. Here are some more random travels:

Cindy’s Pick: Cindy is the store manager. For summer travel and reflection she suggests a  nice travel journal.


Even if your only trip is around the block, summer is a good time to reestablish the discipline of keeping a journal.

Alain’s Pick: Alain is our resident classicist, about to leave us for advanced degrees in Texas. His pick is a work of literary criticism that takes us into a poem about Eden and the fall.


A Preface To Paradise Lost by C.S. Lewis

Dr. Heather’s Pick:

Dr. Heather has also chosen a work of literary criticism by Lewis. This one takes us into the world of books more generally. It looks at what makes a book worth reading and re-reading and suggests new ways of evaluating works of art, particularly works of literature.


An Experiment in Criticism by C.S. Lewis


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