Yet Another September Staff Picks Post

September is the month that keeps on giving! As summer drags on and wrestles with autumn for dominion over this fair city the staff at Crux Books continue to work hard to offer the best customer service a little independent discount theological bookstore could possibly offer.

Ed’s pick – Walter Brueggemann’s The Land: Place as Gift, Promise, and Challenge in Biblical Faith – is an important book for anyone interested in the theology of Land: in Sabbath, in Promise, and in the Abundant care God shows forth in Creation!


Ed says: I read this book while riding my motorcycle in through Death Valley. The wind was in my luscious hair (or it would have been if I had been silly enough to take off my helmet) and my mind was on the majesty of God’s good Creation. It is important to understand God’s relationship with Creation beyond the New Testament in order to understand the fulfillment of God’s promises in Christ! This book is a must read for all Christians whether they are couch potatoes or avid adventurers like me! I highly recommend it.

(Fictionalized by Rev. H.)

PhD candidate and Cruxian Ryan Reed’s take on our September theme: labour, work, and justice, is along the same lines. His pick is Canadian author and fabulous preacher Mark Buchanan’s The Rest of God.


Ryan says:

While – to a non-PhD candidate – it may sound like this book is about the bits of God that lie beyond our understanding as mere finite creaturely beings, it is really all about rest — rest as Sabbath. The tagline of the book says it all: Restoring your Soul by Restoring Sabbath. Many of us live busy lives in which taking a Sabbath just doesn’t seem practical. I for one spent my summer at a coffee shop where there was no rest. If that sounds like you – if you spend your Mondays as I do breaking down cardboard boxes in the back room and accepting compliments on your amazing fashion sense – don’t hesitate! Pick up your copy of Mark Buchanan’s concise tome and begin to fall into the infinite down comforter of Sabbath. Enjoy the sweet foreshadowing of the Kingdom of Heaven by looking ever forward in anticipation to the true and ultimate rest of being face to face with God. Trust me. I’m very smart.

(fictionalized by Rev. H and Ms. Carolyn.)

And so my dear beloved Cruxians, as this fabulous month comes to a close we hope to see many of you in the store!

Until then – Yours behind the counter,

The Crux Books Team.




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