More Spiritual Heroes

Earlier in the month, I posted the first round of spiritual Heroes. Rev. Heather, Sheila, and Cindy all wrote about their heroes with great clarity. The rest of us were immersed in the end of term and so overwhelmed by our heroes that we all had writers’ block. Oh well. Here’s a list of the heroes and associated books with no inspiring comments.

Dr. Heather’s Hero: John Stott.

Recommended Reading by Stott: The Radical Disciple, Stott’s last book.


Carolyn’s Hero: Pope Francis

Recommended Reading by Pope Francis The Church of Mercy


Connor’s Hero: Martin Buber

Recommended Reading by Martin Buber: I and Thou

<Connor Chose a Used Book again, so no image>

Ed’s Hero: Brother Lawrence

Recommended Reading by Brother Lawrence: The Practice of the Presence of God


Ryan’s Hero: J.I. Packer

Recommended Reading by Packer: Knowing God.


Stay Tuned for May’s picks on the theme Books For Their Cover!



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