About This Blog

Once upon a time, the staff at Crux started a different wordpress blog, but it is out of date. This is the Real Crux Blog. Trust us.

This blog is meant to be a virtual community for Crux customers and others who are interested in the kinds of topics we post about. No matter whether you’ve been to Crux or not, you are welcome here.

At Crux, customers and staff talk about a bunch of stuff variety of topics. This diversity is reflected on the blog. The major post categories have their own pages: Reviews and Recommendations, Interesting Interviews, Crux Capers, Seen and Heard, and the Centre for the Promotion of the Oxford Comma (C-POC). Most of the blog posts are written by current Crux staff members, though some guest reviewers write for us on occasion. If you’ve got a topic you’d like us to address in the blog, let us know by contacting social at cruxbooks dot com.

Current Contributors:

Happy browsing!


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