One Woman’s Plain Choices

A review of The Plain Choice: A True Story of Choosing to Live an Amish Life by Sherry Gore (Zondervan, 2015).

by Cindy Hayley


The book is the true story of a woman who chose to live an Amish life. Her story is that of a troubled young woman, whose lack of self-esteem, sense of worthlessness, and belief that she was unloved took her on a deep, dark journey of bad decisions and their resulting consequences—a journey that too many young people take. The book is brutally honest in parts and heartbreaking in others. As you read you can feel the emotional roller coaster ride of her life.

One day Sherry discovers Jesus and feels Him calling her toward a different life. Slowly,  her faith is built, a faith that can sustain her through changing circumstances. Becoming a Christian not only doesn’t solve all one’s problems, in some respects, it creates new difficulties. Sherry chooses to live her Christian life in an Amish Mennonite community, a decision that will change her inside and out. This path will lead her and her children in a direction that is different than the the direction most people’s lives take. Sherry’s choice isn’t for everyone, but everyone can read and learn from her story.