September Picks Continued

Here are the rest of our Labour, Work, and Justice choices for September:

Dr. Heather: A Climate for Change: Global Warming Facts for Faith-Based Decisions    by Katherine Hayhoe and Andrew Farley


A climate scientist and a pastor (who are married to each other) discuss climate change and choices Christians can make in light of the way our world is changing. We can work for better stewardship of the planet.

Connor: Republic by Plato. Connor picked a used copy that we have on hand, translated by Francis MacDonald Cornford.


Sheila: Radical Gratitude by Mary Jo Leddy.


Sheila says:

This morning as I walked past the construction sites, heard the blaring horns of two SUVs each trying to outdo the other at a 4-way stop, and circled around yet another texter who was not watching where he was walking, I tried to compose the blurb for my pick this month. Now, at the start of this term, sit the time to (re)read this reminder of our vocation to be thankful. Mary Jo Leddy, an author, social activist, and lecturer at Regis College, argues that our insatiable greed for more stems from an attitude of ingratitude that is “ingrained in our economic system.” In keeping with the month’s theme of Justice, I would argue that recognizing our own contribution to the current injustices and (re)cultivating a stance of thankfulness to God are places to start. Leddy’s book will aid its readers in becoming a more joyful people and, out of that joy, work for justice.