Paul by Wright

N.T. Wright’s long-awaited book on Paul has arrived at Crux! This is a heavy book.



New books to be excited about

It is always exciting when new publications land at Crux. Today, three new publications arrived in one box.

Number 1:

prodigal xty

This is a new book on being missional. It seems like there are a lot of books on being missional, but this looks like it has potential to be interesting. How can people pop out of their Christian zone and be relevant to the world?

Number 2:

student's companion

This is a new reference work that introduces the reader to theologians through church history. I’ve just surveyed the table of contents and find six women included among the theologians covered. Not bad. Women appear to be well represented among the contributors also. If you are looking for an introduction to historical theology, this looks like a useful resource.

Number 3, the one I think is most exciting


A new study of the work and thought of C.S. Lewis by Alister McGrath — who also just published a new biography of Lewis. The photo on the cover is great, the chapter titles are enticing, and if this book is not here when you arrive at the store, it might be because I bought it.