August Picks: Warming up for School

To help you warm up for school, the Crux staff have picked a few books for the transition. Here are the first two August picks for your perusal.

Carolyn’s Pick:


Figuring the Sacred by Paul Ricoeur

Ricoeur is self-consciously a philosopher rather than a theologian, but he is also self-consciously Christian in his approach and doesn’t shy away from religious themes. This collection gathers together some of the best of his religious essays. As one of the leading figures in 20th century philosophical hermeneutics, Ricoeur’s engagements with the biblical text prove to be a fruitful enterprise for both biblical hermeneutics and philosophical hermeneutics. Ricoeur also explores such perennial themes as evil, justice, love, and hope. He is lovely.

Rev. Heather’s Pick:


The Mind of the Maker by Dorothy L. Sayers

Having trouble with the Trinity?! Then do I have a book for you! Dorothy Sayers takes on the doctrine of the Trinity with her characteristically crisp creativity. Could there be a better way to transition between summer readings and theological tomes? Probably not.