Finding God in all kinds of places

Here is a link to a CBC radio interview with author Nadia Bolz-Weber, whose books are available at Crux.


Pastrix: The Cranky Beautiful Faith of a Sinner & Saint


Accidental Saints: Finding God in All the Wrong People


Christmas Listening

Here at Crux we have the holiday satellite stations on during December. Sheila likes the Holiday Pops station, particularly instrumental versions of Christmas carols, the songs with Christian meaning. She also likes choruses and arias from The Messiah. Heather also likes the Holiday Pops station, particularly the choral renditions of those carols Sheila likes.

It is only the ninth of December, so no one has a particular song that they’ve heard just a little bit too often this season yet — though, “Santa Baby” has been on far too often today. We’ll see which one emerges as this year’s over-played song.