Moving Fences

At Hogwarts there might be moving staircases, but at Crux we have moving fences! As we discovered today, when large trucks are delivering materials and/or equipment, the fencing along our access pathway may be temporarily moved, narrowing the path in to Crux.


Please keep the moving fences in mind when you visit the store. If a delivery is in progress when you arrive, we ask for your patience and understanding if there is a delay getting into the store. Please follow the instructions of the security guard or the site health & safety officer — it is for your own protection.


Access Update

May 21 walkway

Many of you who have tried to visit Crux Books since May 15th (when the security fencing began to be installed) have found that access to the store has been extremely difficult, having to ask a security guard for permission to access to the perimeter and needing to be escorted to our door. We have some good news on this front . . . a small walkway has been established between the perimeter fencing and the curb allowing “foot” traffic from Hoskin Avenue to our entrance. However, those customers needing wheelchair access or special assistance may need to ask the security guard for perimeter access and an escort through to our entrance.