Heritage Canoe Project: Day 2

Well.  Day 2 arrived quickly, and by 9 am I was already working (after grabbing a Tim’s coffee on the way, of course).

The steamed ribs (sounds like a restaurant doesn’t it?) had been folded around the hull all night, so they were ready to install.


But wait a minute — before I could add new wood again, the old had to come off — and guess who got to do that.  Using a chisel and cutters, I set to the task of removing the old ribs.  It was very time-consuming because once the rib was hacked out, the old iron nails had to be snipped off where they were curled and then removed. Once off, and the area wire brushed, we fit the new rib.  Roger very carefully ensured the rib was set just right, and we clamped it in place.


Using a ‘dolly’ (a very heavy iron weight that was angled just right) on the inside, and a hammer to hit the brass nails on the outside, I went to work.  It took a while to get the hang of doing the job again today.  And that was the extent of my entire 8 hour day, except for a break for lunch.


Meanwhile, Roger spent all day rebuilding both of the decks.  This was also a lot of work, as new pieces had to be custom-made and epoxy and screws added to hold it all in place.

One rib, two ribs… all the way to 5 of the 7 steamed ribs (hold the barbecue sauce).  By the 5th new rib, however, I was setting it myself and doing all the nailing.  And I really felt it.  I thought I was in pretty good shape, but by the time I got home I was sore in lots of places I forgot I had muscles.  Only 2 more ribs to go?… But that’s for my next work day.


Day 3 coming tomorrow!

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