Rebuilding Pat’s canoe: update and correction

I initially wrote my first blog in July, titled: ‘Rebuilding Pat’s canoe: remembering our founder‘.  In it I said that Pat was rebuilding his grandfather’s canoe.  That was not correct, and I thank Jocelyn, Pat’s widow, for updating me and giving me some great history about the canoe.  Here it is:

The canoe was actually Jocelyn’s grandfather’s canoe.  It was initially purchased by him at the turn of the century, and for many years resided in a log cabin/boathouse that Jocelyn’s mother helped to build when she was a child.  About 22 years ago, Pat and Jocelyn went to Michigan to help sell the canoe.  When Pat saw how exquisite the workmanship was, he brought it back to Toronto to restore.  Pat and Dave spent a lot of time on the project, but when serious money was needed to continue, the project stopped.  By that time Pat was putting everything he had (time and money) into Crux Books.

Jocelyn tells me that restoring the canoe was one of Pat’s dreams.  I am very honoured to be a part of bringing this dream finally to fruition.



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