Looking forward to 2014

Here are some books staff at Crux are looking forward to reading in 2014. Of course, all of us know that some of the best reading of the year is unplanned and serendipitous. We talk about books in the store and recommend things to each other. We talk about books with other people and get recommendations from them. Lots of times the best books are the ones we weren’t looking for.

Sheila: “At this point it would have to be Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev’s The Mystery of Faith, which examines the teaching of the Orthodox faith, looking at both ancient and modern texts to examine doctrines of, for example, the Trinity, the Church, and prayer.  It is the first time that this work has been made available in English.”

Alain: “Poetic Diction by Owen Barfield, which admitttedly was my staff pick for December. I’m going to read it. I promise.”

Andrew: “D. Stephen Long’s Saving Karl Barth: Hans Urs von Valthasar’s Preoccupation. Love or Loathe him, we must reckon with Barth. I fall on the love side and Balthasar encapsulates why with the soundest reason: Barth’s theology is beautiful. Long’s book seeks to understand why Balthasar thought this was so and why more recent Barth scholarship (critics and apologists) has too quickly overlooked why Balthasar thought this was so.”

Connor: “Getting Past No by W. Ury. Ah, a sequel. Getting to Yes intrigued me, and now I wonder if it might be worth considering the follow-up guide. these books seem to be quite basic, but for their concise organization and summary of more complex principles, this may well be one that I read in the near future.”

Carolyn: “The End of Apologetics by Myron Penner.”

Heather W.: “C.S. Lewis: A Life by Alister McGrath. I feel like I should have already read this for the Lewis Jubilee in November. This is just a way to extend the celebrations.”


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